Professional staffing services

On-SIte Program Staffing

Hawaii Meetings can provide any number of local, experienced and professionally insured, on-site hospitality or conference support staff for your upcoming program. 

Professional Liability Insurance

Upon a mutual agreement to work together, we will send you a COI listing your firm as additionally insured. Additional levels of insurance are easily addressed upon request.

Schedule On-Site Staffing Services

Please indicate the first date and the number of support staff you'd like to hire to assist you with your program. 

Don't worry about precise timing. This will be worked out as your program details come together. Again, this is for budgeting your on-site staffing needs such as hospitality desk, meeting and conference support assistance, etc.

Staff to oversee services such as arrivals, departures, activities, and events will be built into the cost of each of those items as needed. So do not include any of that staffing here.


Full-Day Program Staff 

4 - 8.5 hours

$395 per day

Half-Day Program Staff

1- 4 hours 

$250 per half day

Staff overtime after 8.5 hours


$  69 per hour

To Reserve and Order On-Site Staff

  • Select the date and the number of full-day or half-day staff you want. Click and add that day's staffing selection to your RFP cart.  
  • After saving your first staff date to your RFP, additional staff dates can be scheduled by selecting "add more" on the right side of your RFP entry.

Professional On-Site Hospitality and Conference Support Staffing
  Saturday, January 16, 2021


Reserving and Ordering Additional Staff Dates

After scheduling your staff above and adding it to your RFP Cart, simply select the blue "add more" link from your RFP cart. Repeat as necessary.